9 Mar 2012

Right ICT translation tools for your teaching subjects

Yesterday I was reading articles published by educators in Hong Kong about Mathematics teaching.  However, I was not sure some terms and I read the definition from online dictionaries.  However, the English to Chinese translation is diversified and made me further confused.

I happened to find a resource from the EDB Web site (for Math only):

I have further checked that such glossary files are also available for different subjects as below:

Try to see if you can find one for your teaching subject.  As a teacher of a particular subject, we are generally familiar with the terms in our mother language but many articles are written in English, so we better use ICT tools for the right translation.

30 Dec 2011

Reflection on How and Why [BIT item two]

Explain in detail of HOW and WHY you have used ICT with a blog/ Web site in your lesson plan

With my teaching topic of "series and parallel circuits", first I borrowed several textbooks from the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) library as I found the CD accompanied includes PowerPoint files and worksheets.  By referencing the same topic from different book publishers, I screened, selected and consolidated a new PowerPoint file and worksheet for my students.  Moreover, through Google with keywords "series and parallel circuits" and also tried "teaching electricity", I found and downloaded several software applications from http://www.etcai.com/ Web site and used them in teaching.  Meanwhile, I also encouraged my students to explore the software at home to enhance the concepts of electricity. ... bla bla bla ...

Screenshot of the Web site:

Generally, I think blog is very easy to set up and manage.  As a teacher, I don't need to spend a lot of time to learn HTML code for the Web page layout design.  Instead, I can focus on the content and publish my teaching and learning materials easily.  With free WiFi hotspots in Hong Kong, it is easy either to update the blog content related to electricity such as taking and uploading pictures through my smart phone or even interacting with my students through replying blog posts.  Using PowerPoint file is also good for teaching productivity as I don’t need to bring several textbooks.  Instead, I scanned and compressed the images from different textbooks and integrated into a single PowerPoint file (with proper referencing).  Specifically, I found the shareware applications I selected are free-of-charge, very comprehensive, and easy to manage the concepts of electricity that I think they are very suitable for teaching. ... bla bla bla ...

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21 Nov 2011

Knowledge vs. Skill

When we are writing a reflection for our competence in educational practice, we might talk about "skill" and "knowledge".  Sometimes we may put them as the same stuff but actually "knowledge" refers to a particular concept in certain domain, while "skill" refers to the ability of manipulating the knowledge in a particular context.  That is, "knowledge" is about the theories, but "skill" is related to application.  There is a great passage with a detailed explanation on both terms at http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-knowledge-and-skill/

17 Oct 2011

A demo of adding a Flickr album

This is the photo taken in school open day that I am going to teaching "narrative writing" in my lesson.

6 Oct 2011

Sample lesson plan with Google Docs and Blogger

This is a sample lesson plan that I used to show how to UPLOAD and EMBED a MS Word file in Blogger only.